The Christmas holiday season may seem as the worst time to sell a home, but that does not have to be true. While your holiday spirit might get dampened by the thought of selling your home in the winter, the season comes with its advantages.

Competition is less aggressive, with few people actively marketing their homes during the holiday, and buyers are usually more serious. First, be sure you want to sell the home. Once you are up for it, here are some house selling tips to follow.

6 House Selling Tips for the Holidays

1. Do A Bit of Holiday Decoration

When staging your home for sale during the holiday season, a little decoration will go a long way in getting the buyers more interested in the property. However, you should keep it tasteful by avoiding going all-out glitter and tinsel. Excessive decoration can end up crowding your home and distracting potential buyers. Therefore, a little decorating to represent the Christmas spirit will have a lot of impact on the home viewers.

2. Price The Home Right

Normally, holiday buyers have great motivation towards securing a home and are not wasting a lot of time in negotiations. As a seller, you are also most likely motivated to cash in your home. It is hence not the best season to be highly ambitious with the price. Research on the pricing and consult a real estate agent about the best price for your home.

3. Find A Dependable Real Estate Agent

The next tip is hiring a reliable real estate agent who will have your back whenever you need help. You don’t want a person who will go away during Christmas or New Year celebrations. Instead, find a real estate agent willing to do everything to get your home sold as quickly as possible. This will even relieve your stress and provide you with more time to enjoy the holiday season when knowing that you are in good hands.

4. Take Attractive and Quality Real Estate Pictures

During the winter season, most homebuyers search by going through the homes listed on the internet. Providing plenty of high-quality and flattering photos of your home will go a long way in making a great first impression. If possible, you should upload spring or summer photos of your home for potential buyers to see how the home looks throughout the year.

5. Shoot A Video Tour for The Internet

Besides photos, a video of your home can also go a long way in attracting home buyers. Due to increased vacation plans and bad weather, you will have fewer foot viewers traffic during holidays. Capturing a video tour around your home and uploading it on the web might attract house buyers who don’t have time to visit your home physically.

6. Prioritize Curb Appeal

As the autumn season starts and the trees and plants lose their leaves, your home is left more exposed. This makes maintaining your home exterior even more important. Clean up the gutters, do paint touch-ups, and trim up the yard. You should also clear the snow, ice, and leaves off the walkways and stairs for the safety of your buyers.

Bottom Line

By following these house selling tips for the holiday, you will be able to cash in your house as fast as possible if you are selling your home this holiday season. Contact Southern New Mexico Realty for competent real estate agents dedicated to helping you. 

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